Monday, January 25, 2010

Google Translation

Knowing the language is very important what else we can not just foreign language, and this may be familiar to friends who have long recognized the Internet but do not hurt me give a little information about the Google Translation, for Internet users new to the Internet, I give little information that might be useful later, the Google translation is very useful to learn a foreign language, which has been provided by Google this website.
Let's discuss how to use Google's translation, Ok!.
First open the website with the address atau or wait for a moment to look at the Google home page, Look at the Google home page, look-menus menu, such as the Web, Picture (Photo), News (New ), books, translations, Blogs, Gmail, etc. to see more facilities provided by Google, click Read more.
From the top menu click translations, then popped the Google page that looks the Google Translation, Now there is a rather large box, and there is a translation of the box, and boxes to the translation, translations from the language we use, (eg we use language Indonesia-click the small box arrows mark down, nah .... Here the reader may not understand you've .... When we type in the box terjemakan Text Select from English to Indonesian and click Translate, the results we can see below .... If the translation results we want and then copy the blocks in the ctrl+C friends can use it and understood this article, ok ... good luck ..

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